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AMCU strike at Kroondal suspended – for now

AMCU, or the Association of Mineworkers & Construction, notes that it will be going back to the labour court on 26 August 2016 to resolve the matter and is meeting with Aquarius mine management on Thursday 2 June to continue discussing “pressing issues”.

The strike was as a result of a dispute relating to the provision of transport for employees – reportedly over the appointment of a bus contractor.

AMCU members embarked on a legal day long strike at the mine which was recently bought into by Sibanye. But it was suspended following the mine’s court application claiming the strike was illegal.

According to the union it lawfully obtained the strike certificate on 25 January 2016.

“We timeously strived to engage the employer in efforts to resolve the matters that we had brought forward but those negotiations resulted in a deadlock.

Subsequently, we served management with a strike notice on Tuesday 24 May at 3pm. The last shift was on Thursday 26 May at 10pm, making it exactly 48 hours before the strike commenced as per the labour laws,” it said in a statement.

On Friday 27 May it resumed with the strike until Monday 30 May when the judge ruled in management’s favour.

“The Interdict ruled that we discontinue with the strike and our members to return to work accordingly. However, this does not mean that we will park our discussions regarding the demands.”