Feature image credit: Harmony Gold (Kusasalethu mine)
An illegal strike at JSE-listed Harmony Gold Mining Company’s (Harmony Gold) operation is in response to the suspension of AMCU branch leadership.

This follows AMCU’s (Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union) branch leadership encouraging an illegal go slow at the Harmony Gold Kusasalethu mine, resulting in only 25% of the workforce reporting for work yesterday.

The illegal go slow was called in response to the disciplinary procedures against 40 employees, following the illegal sit-in at the mine in January this year.

Harmony Gold’s management has sought an urgent meeting with the leadership of AMCU to address this illegal industrial action, which may result in further disciplinary action and undermines the continued viability of the mine.

[quote]There have been reports of intimidation of employees as was the case in the actions in January 2017.

No employees reported for the day shift yesterday.

“We appeal to AMCU leadership to be responsible in its actions, to publicly condemn any form of intimidation and act against members engaging in intimidation, and to engage with management through the processes and procedures in place to deal with workplace disputes,” states Peter Steenkamp, CEO of Harmony Gold.

In January around 1 700 employees participated in an illegal sit-in at the mine. The sit-in started on 11 January when employees chose not to return to surface at the end of the morning shift and ended 48 hours later.

Feature image credit: Harmony Gold