Jubilee Platinum
Jubilee Platinum Hernic Plant
Dual-listed Jubilee Platinum: Hernic Ferrochrome's voluntary business rescue to facilitate restructuring its business activities has no effect on Jubilee Platinum.

“We are accustomed to operating within this business process,” states Jubilee Platinum CEO, Leon Coetzer.

“We have already engaged with Hernic to offer our services wherever appropriate within this process.

“Normal operations at Hernic are expected to continue for the foreseeable future with stable chrome market
conditions persisting.

“Our platinum and chrome operation is processing both current arisings stemming from Hernic’s mining operations as well as platinum containing material from the vast surface stocks.

“As far as Jubilee Platinum is concerned it is business as normal.

“We continue to be buoyant by our overall results and progress at our Hernic platinum and chrome operations and have over the past week achieved production levels in excess of 1 900 tons of feed material per day moving towards a robust operation,” concludes Coetzer.

Feature image credit: Jubilee Platinum