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Lonmin CEO Ben Magara refutes Marikana housing accusations

Magara issued a media statement in response, he said, to media reports indicating that “Lonmin believes its employees would rather live in informal settlements as opposed to houses. I would like to refute this.”

“I believe that all our employees and their families have a right to dignity and respect,” he highlights.

“As Lonmin, we are committed to the well being of our employees and have made significant strides into providing our employees with decent accommodation.”

[quote]According to the CEO, Lonmin has converted its entire 150 historically single sex blocks into bachelor flats and family units, built apartments in the vicinity of Marikana and donated 50 ha of land to government for integrated human settlements which also include the company’s employees.

The company has launched an investigation into the matter as to how certain media statements came about.

Amnesty International, on Thursday declared that following the compilation of a report on Marikana, that Lonmin had done little to improve the living conditions of its workers at Marikana.


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