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Lonmin’s survival is in the interest of the whole community – Solidarity

Solidarity made this statement following Lonmin been harassed by the Bapo Bo Mogale community through violent protests since 2 May 2017.

The community, which is also trying to intimidate Lonmin employees, claims that Lonmin should immediately make 1 000 permanent jobs available and a further 500 cadet posts for community members.

According to Connie Prinsloo, deputy general secretary of the mining industry at Solidarity, such an arrangement will endanger the survival of the company, which will consequently have a negative economic impact on the whole region.

“Lonmin is already under severe financial pressure and recently reduced its workforce to become more profitable. If another 1 500 jobs are made available, given the current economic climate, it can lead to the loss of thousands of jobs at Lonmin with an even greater impact on the local economy,” Prinsloo explains.

Prinsloo also said that the high unemployment rate in South Africa is regrettable.

“The current economic circumstances in South Africa make it extremely difficult for businesses while there is also a very high unemployment rate.

“However, we must guard against actions that may lead to more job losses and uncertainties, and rather focus on sustainability and job security that will promote all role players, as well as social and economic interests in the long term,” warns Prinsloo.

Feature image credit: Lonmin