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NUM demands action at Cooke operations

The NUM has called on the minister of police and the Department of Mineral Resources to intervene at Cooke “where the situation is out of control”.

NUM objects to the fact that one of the alleged perpetrators is allegedly still living at the Cooke 1 hostels. It called on law enforcement agencies to investigate and arrest the people who are attacking its members.

NUM also expressed concern that Sibanye Gold might close the occupational health and training centre at Rand Uranium. It called on the mining company to do the following:

1.The company must stop accommodating employees who no longer work within the company in their hostels;

2. It must make sure that there is security access control in its operations and hostels;

3. The incident that happened last month at the Cooke Operations where our members were assaulted and attacked must be recorded as a mine accident; and

4. The NUM demands that a child, wife or a relative of the late Ranthimo Nkosi replace him.