Barberton Mines
Barberton Tailings Reprocessing Plant
Dual-listed gold and platinum miner Pan African Resources is progressing well with the critical refurbishment and maintenance of work at its Evander Mines.

The refurbishment of the 7 and 8 shaft complex at Evander Mines is expected to be completed next week within the original estimate cost of R40 million.

The refurbishment programme entailed the replacement of the 7 shaft pump columns support infrastructure; the replacement of a damaged section of the main pump column at the 7 shaft; replacement of the water reticulation system between the 7 and 8 shafts.

The programme at Evander Mines also includes the removal of redundant shaft steel work at the 7A and 8 shafts; repairs to the 7 and 7A shaft bottoms; and an assessment of all other underground infrastructure critical to maintaining and sustaining production.

Evander Mines’ 7A shaft has also normalised hoisting speed to 13 m/s.

During the refurbishment period, on-mine management also focused on the preparation of the Evander Mines underground mining areas for re-commencement of mining, with an emphasis on securing and opening up of stope entrances and travelling ways; opening and securing critical material and development drives.

In addition it constructed additional underground dams to ensure adequate water storage capacity; improved ventilation systems and infrastructure; retrained all underground miners to ensure the implementation of a clean, safe and sustainable mining plan.

Underground mining operations at Evander Mines will recommence following the completion of the refurbishment programme, which is expected on or about 15 April 2017, with the hoisting of approximately 6 000 t of mined ore currently stored within the Evander Mines underground infrastructure.

The processing of these tons will assist with the expeditious ramp-up of Evander Mines’ underground production profile.

Feature image credit: Pan African Resources

(Pan African Resources’ Barberton Tailings Reprocessing Plant)