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Barloworld’s mining equipment attracts attention

Barloworld Equipment launched three key SEM products, specifically designed for rigorous African conditions, at Bauma ConExpo, which runs from 13 to 16 March in Johannesburg.

The three SEM products, two wheel loaders and a track-type tractor, are all medium-sized to offer greater versatility and affordability to contractors in the construction, quarrying and mining industries.

The SEM wheel loaders (SEM636D and SEM660D) offer two different load capacities of 3 000 kg and 6 000 kg respectively.

Both offer best-in-class reliability and durability, with excellent fuel economy but without sacrificing operator comfort.

“Many components in these machines have been re-engineered to offer customers greater longevity under extreme pressure of use and conditions,” says Emmy Leeka, Barloworld Equipment CEO Leeka.

This attention to end-user detail in the SEM wheel-loaders includes: a 93 desert-type air cleanser providing machine reliability in the most severe conditions; simplifying the countershaft transmission structure to reduce maintenance costs; and relocating the hydraulic oil tank to extend the hydraulic pump life.

The loaders’ SEM-designed and built axle provides 10 callipers, improving brake performance and extending service life.

The track-type tractor (SEM816/822) combines a high level of efficiency and maneuverability, thanks to its hydro-static drive system and multi-functional joystick.

The operator cabin is ergonomically designed and equipped with advanced monitoring systems.

Its world-class pump and motors give great reliability and are complemented by an undercarriage designed for longer life when compared to the leading competitor.

The tractor’s electronic control module facilitates quick troubleshooting and easy access to components enables faster overall maintenance time.

It is supported by CAT Product Link. A Cummins engine can be installed as an option.

The tractor’s radiator boasts a new advanced cooling system designed to operate at ambient temperatures from -43°C to +50°C.

Its semi-universal blade combines an S-blade’s excellent penetration with a U-blade’s high production capacity.

Its L-shaped push arms position the blade closer to the machine, offering top maneuverability, balance and blade penetration.

Durable final drive bearings and multiple wet disc brakes enhance reliability, reducing system heat and extending overall life.

“These are all sturdy machines that make the most of what modern engineering can offer,” says Leeka.

“We believe SEM has created a range that is ideal for a wide range of conditions across Africa as well as offering great value for money.

“Maintenance costs on the tractor, for instance, are reduced by 60% compared to competing models designed with torque converter and transmission.

“The attention to detail in strengthening the machines, extending component life and facilitating easier and faster service will repay the investment many times over for customers,” concludes Leeka.