Bearings International has shown its commitment as a transmission solutions supplier, after recommending the new ABB Dodge motorised torque-arm (MTA) reducer as a more effective replacement to a standardised gearbox system that the CJ Rensburg mine in Klerksdorp had been using for a number of years.

CJ Rensburg mine maintenance manager Rocco van Rensburg states that most distributors in the industry simply provide the customer with exactly what they request, even if it is not the most suitable solution for a specific application. “I was pleasantly surprised by ABB’s channel partner Bearings International, which suggested a more efficient and value-added solution.”

The suggestion was made by Bearings International Klerksdorp branch salesman Jaco van der Schyff. “I shared all of the features and benefits of the ABB Dodge MTA reducer, and how it would save time and money. I had been through extensive training and have made joint sales calls with the local ABB Dodge representatives, and I was confident the MTA was the right solution for the mine,” he says.

After discussions and technical support from ABB to select the correct size ABB Dodge MTA for the conveyor application, mine officials purchased two units for testing. Van Rensburg notes that the MTAs were standardised on the plant shortly after installation, following a strong performance.

“It only took 15 minutes to install the MTAs, as opposed to a number of hours that we normally spend installing a competitor’s gearbox. What’s more, the gearboxes are just as easy to remove. This is a major convenience, as the competitor gearbox had to be cut off the shaft, which was time-consuming. As this is a direct drive, costly V-belt maintenance has been eliminated too,” he adds.

Van Rensburg states that the ABB and Bearings International teams assisted the mine in overcoming challenges related to bearing assembly. “We experienced difficulty installing standard SN style plummer blocks, as these bearings arrive in pieces and have to be assembled on site. This not only takes time, it also means the bearings are easily contaminated, leading to shorter product life.”

The ABB and Bearings International teams proposed the Dodge ISN spherical roller bearing as an alternative. This product features a patented integral adapter mounting and removal system that makes the bearing easy to install and remove.

“ISN spherical roller bearings arrive in one piece, are greased at the factory, and are ready to install out-of-the box. These bearings have already proven to save us time and money because they are so easy to install. I am also highly-satisfied with the sealing system, as the seals don’t make contact with the shaft, thereby eliminating the risk of shaft damage,” van Rensburg concludes.

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