AR Controls
Laying the claim to the largest inventory is largely due to the fact that AR Controls specialises in stainless steel products for erosive and corrosive applications.

“We carry a huge inventory. There is not another valve supplier on the continent with a similar stock holding,” comments AR Controls director, Julien van Niekerk.

Apart from its extensive product range, what gives AR Controls a leading edge in this highly-competitive market is its combination of technical expertise, aftermarket service and support, and regular site visits the company states.

“We have established close working relationships with many of our customers and suppliers over the years. This continues to be an important focus for us in securing repeat business. It is the visibility and recognition of our brand that continues to give us such a good name in the industry,” points out van Niekerk.

“It is this combination of stockholding and infrastructure that has seen AR Controls enjoy rapid growth and expansion in recent years.

“We are positioned ideally to capitalise on any opportunity, and aim to increase our market share and footprint significantly,” stresses van Niekerk stresses.

“This includes a strong focus on niche markets in Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

“Our international expansion is made possible due to our dual role as both a manufacturer and a stocking distributor,” explains van Niekerk.

It is also due to excellent supply-chain management that AR Controls is able to leverage itself globally.

From concentric, double offset and triple offset butterfly valves to general and severe-service ball valves, non-return valves, linear knife gate valve products, and associated actuation and controls, AR Controls offers complete turnkey solutions for the African mining industry.

Van Niekerk attributes the significant customer loyalty that AR Controls enjoys due to its ethical business and management practices, which includes a strong corporate social responsibility element and community involvement, together with health and safety and environmental awareness, such as reducing its carbon footprint.

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