Steel company, ArcelorMittal South Africa has improved its datacentre power usage effectiveness (PuE) by more than 65%, following the implementation of a new, modular datacentre solution by Datacentrix.

Datacentrix is a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions. ArcelorMittal South Africa is the largest steel producer on the African continent, with a production capacity of 6.5 Mt of liquid steel per annum.

The PuE measurement was carried out by Datacentrix both prior and post implementation. 

These enhanced power, water and cooling efficiencies are also set to save the organisation more than 20% on operational costs over a five-year period.

According to Brian Lendrum, commercial business development manager at Datacentrix, ArcelorMittal South Africa’s new modular datacentre was rolled out within a record 76 days, following a year of planning and discussions.

“The original datacentre was more than 30 years old and needed to be upgraded for ArcelorMittal South Africa to improve energy consumption, space utilisation and environmental conditioning efficiencies. Not only were its CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units and water cooling plants reaching end of life, but the previous datacentre needed to be better arranged and systemised in order to fit into a reduced space.”

Furthermore, the existing datacentre setup did not include fire suppression, critical for controlling a fire without disrupting the flow of business and without threatening personnel inside the datacentre.

Thus, Lendrum explains, the principle driving factors in the Datacentrix datacentre design submitted to ArcelorMittal South Africa included the rollout of high-density and energy efficient power and cooling technologies, saving floor space and room height, and the inclusion of fire suppression.

“For these reasons, we built our business case around technology that would be fast, flexible, modular and predictable, removing unnecessary implementation complexities, massively improving cooling and power efficiencies, and saving our client money in the long term.”

The new datacentre has been reduced from 58 racks to 28, with capacity for long-term growth and power and cooling capacity for end-of-day. It is also 100% redundant, with an availability of 99.9%. From a fire suppression point of view, a green gas solution with a 20-year warranty was installed.

“In terms of PuE, we have managed to improve efficiencies from between three and four to 1.6 currently,” Lendrum explains. “However, based on future calculations at full load, this smaller, more compact facility should run at an average PuE of 1.2, giving a maximum of 85% efficiency.”

The solution also includes a proactive IP-based monitoring solution that monitors all of the environmental and security aspects of the new datacentre.

Says ArcelorMittal: “The energy efficiency of the new solution implemented by Datacentrix will result in a decrease in operational costs over time. In addition, we are experiencing a number of non-tangible benefits related to the improved space utilisation, such as a more orderly, and easier to manage and monitor datacentre environment.”

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