Atlas Copco's compact and cost saving QLB 60 light tower
Atlas Copco’s compact and cost saving QLB 60 light tower

Atlas Copco has launched its compact and cost saving QLB 60 light tower. Its innovative LED light uses special optics to deliver high luminosity and a small footprint for improved on-site productivity.

The QLB 60’s 4x350W LED lights give more luminous coverage than typically delivered by 4 x 1 000 W metal halide lights. The light tower is also environmentally friendly, producing up to 75% less CO2 than a traditional light tower with 4 x 1 000 W metal halide lamps.

The QLB 60 generates significant savings with operational costs reduced by up to 95% thanks to the different remote start modes available via the photocell and the weekly timer. Reduced fuel consumption (0.5 l/h for 260 hours fuel autonomy), easy operation with the intuitive Lc 1003 controller and straightforward installation due to its compact dimensions, all help to lower running costs.

The environment friendly QLB 60 from Atlas Copco
The environment friendly QLB 60 from Atlas Copco

Contributing to a minimal total cost of ownership, maintenance costs of the QLB 60 are up to 34% lower. This is due to the unit’s superior serviceability with four easy-access panels, cost efficient consumables and a long service interval of 500 hours.

The QLB 60 has the smallest footprint on the market to minimise transportation and installation costs. Thanks to its compact dimensions, 22 units can be loaded on a 13 m truck. Galvanized forklift pockets and a lifting beam facilitate on-site placement. Positioning the light where it is needed is quick and easy with the stable hydraulic vertical mast that extends to a maximum height of 8 m and rotates 340°.

“The QLB 60 incorporates all the benefits of the latest innovations in LED lighting,” says Sergio Salvador, product marketing manager, Atlas Copco Portable Energy. “The lights may only be 350 W each, but they are more than equal to a typical 1 000 W metal halide light. Plus, the long service intervals and robust, quality components ensure high performance day after day.”

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