BMG has been appointed distributors in Southern Africa for the Vulkan Drive Tech products range, which includes couplings and braking systems.

“With the introduction of Vulkan’s fluid and engineered flexible couplings, BMG’s coupling offering is now complete,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s power transmission product manager. “BMG, which now carries a vast stockholding of standard Vulkan couplings, also has access to the complete range of Vulkan braking systems.

“With Vulkan’s compact fluid coupling design, it is possible to replace existing applications, without the need for any modifications to the existing layout, therefore ensuring ease of replacement and reduced project costs.”

Important components for BMG in the Vulkan range are Flexomax GBN maintenance-free couplings, with a maximum torque of 1 288 kNM and shaft diameters up to 600 mm. These torsional flexible couplings are equipped with specially designed elastic elements which work in compression, allowing for maximum torque transfer, heat dissipation and product longevity.

This series is designed for applications that include low speed shafts of machinery driven by electric motors – even in harsh environments – and is available with customisable options to meet the requirements of restricted applications. These compact couplings allow for compensating axial, radial and angular misalignments and also protect the drivetrain from shock loads.

The modular design enables the integration of brake discs, pulleys, shear devices and spacer shafts within the coupling. Radial removability of the coupling elements is possible, without having to move the connected machinery.


Vulkan has followed its technology trends for VFD (variable frequency drives) and VSD (variable speed drives) with the design of its coupling range, which now includes Flexomax GSN and GSND couplings.

These backlash free couplings, which have been specifically designed for VFD high speed input shafts, offer multiple configurations to ensure coupling types meet all requirements.

Flexible Flexomax GSND couplings have design features that eliminate the need for lubrication and allow radial removal of elements, without moving machinery. Furthermore, the design incorporates air circulation slits to allow for a cooler element and thus a longer life of the product.

Vulkan’s vast range of highly engineered fixed speed and variable speed fluid couplings has been designed for reliable functionality and is optimised around specific application requirements.

For more demanding applications, Vulkan shaft-to-shaft solenoid activated PSV–SP variable speed drain type fluid couplings are recommended. These couplings allow for larger heat dissipation in aggressive climate conditions. The simple operating design reduces maintenance requirements.

Vulkan industrial braking systems, now available from BMG, encompass rail clamps, electromagnetic brakes and industrial emergency brakes.

German engineered Vulkan Drive Tech products are manufactured worldwide to stringent international quality and safety specifications. This range is supported by a technical advisory and solutions service for specific applications, including existing installations. 

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