The Booyco Electronics IS barriers are robustly constructed and suitable for use in both surface and underground environments

Booyco Electronics IS barriers offer the advantage of being single-device units with each serving as an isolation barrier on a communication bus between a non-hazardous and hazardous area in a mine or plant environment.

These locally manufactured barriers are engineered for use in all hazardous areas and can be used across both the mining, chemical and petro-chemical sectors.

Compact in design and easy to use, the IS barriers are robustly constructed and suitable for use in both surface and underground environments.

As part of its drive to provide fit-for-purpose solutions, Booyco Electronics applied alternative battery technology to develop the IS-UPS. This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers reliable performance under the harshest operating conditions. The unit is locally manufactured under stringent quality management systems and meets all statutory regulations pertaining to IS equipment.

This innovative technology provides a direct current output of 12 V or 24 V or a combination of both for extended periods of time. It is suitable for a number of critical applications, including maintaining communications systems and fire detection systems. The units can be supplied in multiple outputs to cater for individual application requirements.

By combining the IS battery with the IS-UPS, the dangers associated with a conventional UPS will be eliminated. Another feature is that this unit is housed in a far lighter and more cost effective explosion proof enclosure.

Also part of the IS barrier range is Booyco Electronics’ active high power, 2 Amp at 12 V IS Power Supply Unit (PSU), suitable for providing items in hazardous areas with various DC IS power. The IS-PSU includes overload protection and isolates the load from the power supply when an overload occurs.

Booyco Electronics is considered a market leader in the innovation and supply of specialised electronic safety equipment to the southern African mining, chemical and petro-chemical sector.

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