The new amphibious dredging machine designed and manufactured by dredging and mining pumps specialist Dragflowwas sold for use to a mining company in the North of Chile.

The mine, which specialises in the production of plant nutrients, iodine, lithium and industrial chemicals, has acquired the machine to work in a tailing pond near a mine in the Atacama Desert. The purpose of this project is to pump old tailings discharge back to the mine fr reprocessing.

Owing to erratic and low water level in the ponds, the costumer opted for the new DRM85/160E22 DRAGFLOW amphibious dredge as it can easily work under several conditions, even low water levels.

Using two lateral tracked floaters, the dredge moves on the ground like a standard earthmoving machine, while the additional central floaters also allow it to float on the water surface with high stability, much the same as Dragflow’s standard dredging machines.

Furthermore, the machine can work in semi dry and wet conditions, such as muddy and soft soils, shallow waters and swamps.

The adaptable mobility allows the amphibious dredger to reach the most remote locations otherwise impossible to reach using standard equipment.

The dredge is equipped with a 260 Kw diesel engine (260 Kw),  two cutters and a Jet Ring System with high-pressure water jets, which help the help the pump when encountering dry dredging conditions.

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