Snap seal o-ring
Global drilling solutions specialist Driconeq has been a leading supplier of reverse circulation (RC) drilling equipment for over 25 years.

The success being enjoyed by Driconeq can largely be attributed to its focus on innovation, quality products as well as an unwavering commitment to customer service.

With production facilities in Sweden, Australia and South Africa, Driconeq is positioned close to all major key markets and is able to react quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ requirements, including field support and comprehensive assembly manuals for components.

Proximity to active RC markets has been the driving force behind the development of the Driconeq RC product range, which provides the platform to offer solutions to most requirements, from a complete RC conversion to a retro fit trouble shooting solution.

One of the company’s first innovations, which remain highly successful today, was the urethane snap seal for the RC inner tube. Prior to the introduction of this product, the snap seal O-rings were used as the sealing mechanism for the inner tubes – which required constant attention and maintenance.

“Driconeq’s urethane snap seals not only last, on average, half the life of the inner tube but also offer a superior sealing solution,” says Simon Molloy, product manager for Driconeq Australia.

“Following the installation of Driconeq’s Drillstar Grade Control System, incorporating the urethane snap seal, we’ve set a new benchmark in pit grade control.

We’re drilling more meters and have improved rig availability. Operating utilisation has also gone ‘through the roof’. The Drillstar system certainly lives up to its reputation,” says James Baldie, Capital Drilling Egypt – grade control manager.

Feature image credit: Driconeq’s urethane snap seal