Dust Prevention Systems installed at Conveyer Belt
Dust Prevention Systems installed at Conveyer Belt

In light of the current economic state of the mining industry, dust control management company Dust-A-Side is making sure that it remains one step ahead of its competitors by ensuring that its dust management systems are not only cost effective but also compliant with the mining industry’s stringent environmental requirements.

Dust-A-Side’s water-based dust suppression systems are custom-designed to fit the needs and requirements of each customer.

The company offers both dust suppression and dust prevention systems which use water to manage and control the spread of dust on site.

While dust suppression systems, which use low volumes of atomised water to create a fine mist that can effectively capture airborne dust, are the preferred method of dust control; dust prevention can still be used to assist and improve the effectiveness of dust suppression systems.

Dust Prevention Systems installed at Coal Conveyer Belt
Dust Prevention Systems installed at Coal Conveyer Belt

Dust-A-Side explains that when controlling dust using a wet suppression system it is important to understand that droplet size is crucial to effectively suppress airborne dust, as ideally each dust particle needs to be matched to a water droplet.

However it is important to know the quality of the water before designing a system to ensure that the filter design is up to standard.

Because water quality is so important, Dust-A-Side makes use of a self-cleaning filter system that enables it to clean the water supply to a level that is suitable to use in its system.

Dust-A-Side’s suppression systems are also fully automated and PLC controlled, and can be designed to fit in with a client’s specific plant control philosophy. Its systems are also containerised and air-conditioned, to protect it from harsh mining environments.

Dust-A-Side’s systems have already been specified for use at coal, nickel, copper, chrome, iron ore and manganese mines including Exxaro Resources’ Leeuwpan colliery, South 32’s Klipspruit colliery as well as its BMK Eskom plant.

Containerised and air-conditioned Dust suppression Systems
Containerised and air-conditioned Dust suppression Systems

Since its establishment in 2010, Dust-A-Side has grown significantly. The company has installed 130 dust suppression systems on 39 mines across Africa and Southern Africa to date.

Having traditionally established itself in road dust management systems, Dust-A-Side plans to increase its dust suppression system applications to include stacking and reclaiming dust suppression systems, fully automated dosing systems for all road surface applications and jet fan dust suppression applications.


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