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Dust-A-Side dust suppression systems lands its biggest project in SA

Dust-A-Side Exxaro
Dust suppression systems installed at primary tip feeder

Dust-A-Side‘s Dust Suppression Systems (DSS) has been awarded its biggest project by Exxaro’s Leeuwpan colliery.

This is a two year lease agreement which includes total service: maintenance, equipment, chemical (HydroPlus) and an on-site technician.

11 dust suppression systems for material handling applications will be installed from the ROM tipping bins through to the load out station where the loading onto a train occurs. Commissioning of systems for this project will be at the end of January 2016.

In addition to this, DSS has also been successful at gaining business from the South Eskom plant for the supply of dust suppression equipment.

Dust-A-Side Exxaro
ROM stockpile – mist system on. Cover photo shows the ROM stockpile with the mist system off

This is a turnkey project as DSS will be performing the civil works, electrical and water supply for the operation instead of this function being performed by the mine.

DSS has introduced a jet fan called a Fog Cannon which is an advanced technology designed for better and more precise dust capturing. Fog Cannons will be installed at the South Eskom plant’s tipping bins for more effective dust suppression.

Furthermore a maintenance agreement will be negotiated upon the commissioning of the systems which is to take place at the end of November 2015.

The assembly process for both projects began on 1 August 2015 at the DSS Workshop.

Congratulations to the DSS Team on obtaining the new business.

Contact details: Email: info@dustaside.com Website: www.dustaside.com

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