Dust-A-Side’s Dust Suppression System (DSS) Fog Cannon Technology is gaining interest from the mining world as it improves its environmental and sustainability footprint.

DSS’s can be utilised in various applications (on tip areas as well as in pit areas when loading haul trucks) and offers good reach and area cover. The addition of fog cannons offers extra dust protection in areas affected by wind.

Dust A SideFog cannons offer improved coverage, specifically at open tip areas where there are no structures in place and fewer options to install static nozzle manifold arrangements. They also boast practical implementation and are a viable solution for extremely challenging circumstances.


Conditions or problem cases where the DSS Fog Cannon Technology plays a useful role:

  • On open tip areas
  • Loading areas
  • Cooling in furnace areas
  • Evaporation of water

Dust-A-Side’s DSS has all the knowledge and suppliers available to design, test and assemble competitive and superior technology at a fraction of the price of what is currently in the market.

DSS Fog CannonThe cannons can be installed to operate automatically by means of radar sensors. Once a vehicle (haul truck) moves into position, ready to tip, the radar sensor detects the moving vehicle and will start up the fan together with the high pressure mist system which is connected and mounted on the trajectory/outlet side of the fog cannon.

The system will automatically switch off after a pre-determined time delay setting from the control panel once the vehicle has completed the tip and moved away.

Dust-A-Side is currently installing its first DSS Canon Technology system at the South Eskom Plant. The contract was awarded in October 2015 and is due to be commissioned this month. The company attributes this recent success to a combination of strong team effort, positive mindset for new developments and a vision to advance Dust-A-Side’s range of products.

Looking to the future, the company reveals it will conduct more tests with various sized units, motor sizes, cylinder/housing sizes and fan blade technology.

Further to this the company plans to develop, test and assemble its own units.

The company notes that maintenance contracts are an essential component when using the DSS system to ensure its optimal performance. Dust-A-Side mitigates the planning, training and assembly of dedicated teams whom can learn to work together in achieving effective dust control management.

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