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Dust-A-Side fast becoming a global leader in dust control management

Haul road network treated and maintained by Dust-A-Side

In order to achieve this it is focused on providing significant value-add to customers, through innovative solutions and by utilising the operational skills of safety conscious and highly motivated people. This is the driving force behind Dust-A-Side.
Dust-A-Side specialises in total dust control management for the mining sector. It has channelled more than 30 years of research and development into creating safer and more efficient mining practices.

It is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company currently controlling dust-related conditions on major mines across three continents, namely Africa, Australia and Chile.

Total dust management

Fog cannons in operation at tipping bin area

Dust-A-Side’s total dust management offering consists of a range of dust binding products and a comprehensive construction and continuous maintenance programme.

This is successfully used in underground and surface applications in iron ore, coal, platinum, gold, diamond, copper, zinc and nickel mines. The programme comprises the following elements:

Stockpile sealing application
Stockpile sealing application
  • Road and dust management
  • Underground road management
  • Opencast road management
  • Dust suppression systems
  • Stockpile sealing
  • Fog cannon technology
  • Added value quantification
  • Dust monitoring
  • DAS Metrics

Dust-A-Side solutions have major impacts on production efficiencies, including:

  • Reduction in road maintenance cost

No loss of capping material

Reduction in grader and water bowser fleet

  • Improvement on production and haulage efficiencies

    Product application on secondary haul road
    Product application on secondary haul road

Safer driving conditions: Consistent driving conditions, excellent visibility, improved skid resistance and professional road maintenance operations.

Improved hauling cycle times

Faster turnaround time after wet weather

Reduced truck down time due to improvement of road quality and dust level

  • Reduction in haul fleet operating and maintenance costs

5% reduction in fuel consumption

7% improvement on tyre life

Spend reduction in filters, bearings, air conditioning systems and electrical motors

Extended period between truck overhaul

  • Environmental impact

Reduction in airborne and fallout dust

Environment-friendly products

Up to 90% reduction in water requirement


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