ELB Engineering, ENFI, engineering
ELB Engineering Services and China ENFI Engineering Corporation have formed a partnership to tackle mineral and metal process projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

The partnership between the two companies will also undertake associated infrastructure projects in the region.

The partnership combines the best in execution capability and process design for the full spectrum of mineral processing plants, said ELB Engineering Services. “It can be seen as a landmark development, in a time where the mining sector is undergoing disruption, in addressing the needs for innovation and world class competence.

“The partnership enables ELB Engineering Services to extend its current capabilities and offerings deep into the mineral and metal processing sector, as well as further enhance its infrastructure and power capability,” says Dr Stephen Meijers, CE ELB Engineering Services.

Mr Jiaming, VP of China ENFI Engineering Corporation, stated that although the company has done business in Africa, the partnership allows ENFI a greater execution capability in doing business on the continent.

The market is in need of new technology, new ideas and a high level of competence to deliver world class solutions. Given the extensive African footprint that ELB Engineering Services has and the cutting edge technology offered by China ENFI Engineering Corporation, the ELB/ENFI partnership believes they have a business solution unique for the African market, said ELB Engineering Services.