New emergency escape breathing devices from MSA Africa can provide protection in seconds.

Workers unexpectedly caught in toxic atmospheres can secure life-saving respiratory protection within seconds using the new PremAire Escape compressed air emergency escape breathing device (EEBD), launching locally early-2015 by MSA Africa.

MSA Africa Respiratory Products Manger, Suraksha Mohun
MSA Africa Respiratory Products Manger, Suraksha Mohun

MSA Africa respiratory products manager Suraksha Mohun notes that the PremAire Escape device can be fitted in under five seconds. “What’s more, it provides an air supply of 10 to 15 minutes, thereby allowing the wearer to escape without difficulty from any hazardous environment.”

The patented PremAire Escape is designed to withstand high levels of industrial gas leaks, in harsh chemical environments such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S). “The major components of this device have undergone critically high H2S concentration testing by a third party. Despite concentrations exceeding 25 percent, the permeation detected remained minimal,” observes Mohun.

The PremAire Escape is ideally-suited to the oil and gas sector, and was specifically developed by MSA following extensive input from global customers in this sector, who highlighted the need for a fast-to-fit and easy-to-use respirator.

The standard PremAire Escape is equipped with a 3S full face mask suitable for standard escape scenarios where gas leaks are under control. For protection in situations where there is a high concentration of uncontrolled lethal gas, a mask-hood is also available. This combination provides two independent protection barriers.

“The first protection barrier is a tight fitting face seal in combination with positive pressure created by the AutoMaXX lung-governed demand valve. The second is created by the hood/neck seal, which fully isolates the face piece sealing line from the ambient gaseous atmosphere,” Mohun continues.

Both masks offer the wearer comfort with a soft rubber compound face blank, wide sealing frame and deep chin stop for a snug fit, as well as durability with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. The PremAire Escape features a carrying bag with cross-body strap and base support, providing protection for the compressed air cylinder. Optional extras include a QuickFill adaptor, medium pressure connection, and low pressure warning signal.

PremAire Combination Airline/Escape

Another innovative EEBD being launched locally in the near future by MSA Africa is the PremAire Combination Airline/Escape. Mohun explains that the core component of the PremAire Combination is the unique combination valve design.

“It combines the first stage pressure reducer, the cylinder valve and the cylinder gauge within one assembly, creating a small size and profile less likely to snag when working in confined space. A hard cover for this assembly ensures additional protection and easy handling of the air cylinder,” she says.

The belt and shoulder harness assembly provides increased comfort and ergonomics for long duration jobs while at the same time allowing the repositioning of the air cylinder from the right hip to the left hip or any other comfortable position without the need to doff the whole device. The holster carrier secures the air cylinder while allowing easy and fast detaching or attaching of the cylinder to provide high manoeuvrability in tight places.

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