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Finnish company secures funding to develop AMD solution in SA

The Finnish mining waste water and hazardous industrial waste treatment specialist was granted funding for its AMD solution in South Africa and the African region by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The company said that its management team has returned to South Africa to “capitalise on further successful tests with acid mine drainage (AMD) water from South African mines that verify and validate the EPSE technology solution”.

EPSE intends to establish a South African legal entity in the next few months in order to address the shortage of clean water in the country, by using its novel AMD solution.

EPSE CEO and partner Lasse Musakka said the huge investment needed to modernise South Africa’s water and waste water infrastructure over the next ten years, makes a cost effective recycling solution essential: “our technology can help towards a sustainable and better future for South Africa”.

The company’s AMD solution is based on the patented EPSE chemical solution and adjustment of pH levels. Key advantages are low operational costs and low investment in infrastructure in a one step processing solution for hazardous waste water treatment, according to the company. EPSE says its solution also delivers outstanding results, cost efficiency, purification of polluted water and extraction of metals.

EPSE Partner and Head of International Operations, Felix Fondem said “we are very excited about bringing our solution to South Africa where the volume of waste water from just one mine can be as much as 300 000 m³/d.”

He said the EPSE AMD solution removes metals completely and the precipitate is inert and insoluble. Soluble precipitates of metals are a hazardous waste that must be stored in controlled landfill deposits, which poses an environmental risk and leads to high costs for mining and waste treatment companies. The EPSE solution removes this need.