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Foton Lovol launches powerful production wheel loader

The new FL966-II wheel loader by Foton Lovol is capable of working in the harshest mining and process environments on an around-the-clock basis.

The Foton Lovol FL966-II is making inroads into traditional loader markets
The Foton Lovol FL966-II is making inroads into traditional loader markets

The new wheel loader boasts the same carefully engineered construction as all of its machines, but with the addition of a number of enhancements that have been brought about to improve the overall serviceability, reliability and performance of the machines in our notoriously harsh African conditions.

With the assistance of Dura Equipment Sales, the sole agent of Foton Lovol in Southern Africa, the manufacturer has made sensible changes to the already proven FL966 predecessor, including doing away with the expensive- to-replace curved windshields, provided improved accessibility to service points, tweaked the already super-efficient Weichai engine and made practical improvements that further enhances the already strong proposition of the company’s flagship loader.

High production machine

According to Ernest Human, marketing manager for Foton Lovol in South Africa, the FL966-II represents the most affordable, purpose built production machine for mining and industrial applications in the market today.

Ernest Human of Foton Lovol
Ernest Human of Foton Lovol

While the loader is equally at home on construction sites, it is purpose built for around-the-clock type operations and is provided with mining specification ROPS/FOPS cab protection as well as mine ready 23,5-L5 tubeless tyres and a number of other adaptations for high production work.

“Although it is made to work in the harshest conditions it will perform equally well in comparatively lighter duty construction applications, where its tough underpinnings should see it easily outperform lesser engineered purpose-built construction machines. At a price tag that compares favourably with standard construction-ready machines, it is already receiving a lot of attention from all sectors of the market.

“We are already in a fortunate position that some of our FL966-I machines – which are predecessor of the current machines – have already clocked 17 000 trouble-free hours and have a number of long-term customers in various sectors that swear by our machines – especially in coal and quarry applications.”

Power to spare

Like all Foton Lovol loaders the 966-II is a basic mechanical loader with no electronics for easy maintenance. It is powered by an efficient 175KW engine that is easily capable of loading the machines large 6000 kg capacity bucket (5.5m³ coal bucket or 3.8m³ standard general purpose bucket).  Power is delivered via a proven ZF transmission, while the dual brake system ensures compliance with industrial requirements.

High production is the hallmark of the new heavyweight from Foton Lovol
High production is the hallmark of the new heavyweight from Foton Lovol

One of the most remarkable features of the machine is its ultimate fuel economy proved in the harshest production condition. The loader is considerably lighter than average machines in the 20-ton class. With cost effective spares readily available and full backup and support offered by the company anywhere in South Arica the cost of ownership of the new generation Foton Lovol is comparable with the best in the market.

“Foton Lovol’s motto is Robust, Reliable, Supported this sums up our latest machine’s offering to the marketplace. It is an honest machine that is built tough and is able to work around the clock without any problems. As an added bonus it is extremely light on fuel, parts are fully available and has all the comforts required to ensure the operators remains alert and productive.

Individually tested

“Most importantly we are fully committed to the brand and are involved at every step along the way. Foton Lovol is also committed to the South African market and is the first Chinese manufacturer to adapt its machines to South African wheel loader specifications,

“All FL966-II are assembled in South Africa and local experts test every machine that rolls of the assembly line and is ready for Africa. Thanks to our excellent relationship with Foton Lovol in China we are also able to make changes and adaptation in line with customer requirements and changing demands,” concludes Ernest.

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