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Hatch marks new era of positive change

To achieve this it is launching a ‘new era of positive change’.

“For Hatch, a big part of the ‘new era’ will be better ideas and better service for your businesses. At our core, we are engineers with a business sense who believe that anything you can envision, we can achieve,” said Hatch CEO John Bianchini.

The company has a new visual identity, which punctuates its commitment to this ‘one Hatch’ approach. In South Africa, to align with this approach, Hatch Goba will now be known as Hatch. This marks the culmination of the successful merging of the Goba business into the Hatch Group.

Hatch also officially inaugurated its new, state-of-the-art ‘green’ premises at Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg, at a function for clients and staff at the end of April.

Speaking at the function, Trueman Goba, Chairman, Africa, Europe, Middle East (AEM) Region, said: “We are very excited about the future and how we can work together. Our entire organisation is committed to providing better ideas and delivering smarter solutions for   your business.”

Some of the influences creating new challenges for Hatch’s clients and the industries it serves are climate change, rapid urbanisation, financial volatility and new stakeholder needs. “Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace,” Pierre Olivier, MD, Africa, Europe, Middle East (AEM) Region, stated, “and we are responding by helping our clients adapt and succeed.”

[quote]Olivier revealed that Hatch would broaden its infrastructure focus to include growth areas such as light industrial.     “There is a lot of learning we can bring from other industries to the infrastructure sector.”

He added: “More fundamentally, we are focusing to better understand our clients’ businesses. “We are constantly innovating to boost their bottom line and meet their specific needs. Whenever there is a problem, we can reach out to many skill bases around the world, which guarantees the best response to any particular technical challenge.”

Olivier said: “Many see us as a capital project or EPCM provider. While we excel in  this sphere, we also conduct project and programme management, in addition to our engineering capabilities. We carry out a lot of business and management consulting to improve operational performance and our client’s bottom line.”