Hyundai backhoe loaders, available exclusively in southern Africa from HPE Africa, have been well received by the local market.

“The robust H930s backhoe loader series is particularly well liked by businesses that need smaller machines, without having to make a substantial capital investment in large excavators and loaders,” says Alex Ackron, HPE Africa’s managing director.

“Hyundai backhoe loaders, with a reputation for efficient performance, low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements, are also popular with plant hire companies.

“The company supports this range with a two year/ 3 000 hour warranty.”

Hyundai H930s backhoe loaders are fitted with fuel efficient, low noise, environmentally friendly Perkins 2 tier diesel engines. Standard power shift transmission and a convenient gear/shift selector, enable fast, easy and efficient operation and precise control, even in arduous operating conditions.

These machines have been designed for smooth, easy control and powerful loader performance. The loader boom is integrally welded, with dual lift and tilt cylinders for maximum strength. A strong, rigid loader frame ensures a greater lift capacity and improved overall visibility.

The backhoe boom allows for a clear line of site into a trench when the operator is digging around buried constructions, like water mains, sewer pipes and utility lines. An optional extendable dipper increases versatility.

Front and rear axles have been designed for efficient and safe operation in uneven ground conditions. Oil immersed wet brakes, which eliminate possible external contamination, are individually actuated by two separate brake pedals.

Self adjusting brakes that automatically regulate disc clearance, ensure improved brake performance and reduced service time. The parking brake can be activated by an electric switch from inside the cab.

HPE Africa
Hyundai earthmoving equipment, available exclusively in southern Africa from HPE Africa, encompasses H930s backhoe loaders which have been well received by the local market

Optional features for enhanced performance include the four wheel drive system that improves mobility and an ‘automatic return to dig’ function on the loader attachment that reduces loading cycle times. The ‘ride control system’ – also optional – has a shock absorbing accumulator that cushions the boom, reduces material loss and improves operator comfort. The operator is able to turn this system on or off with an overhead switch.

Standard features are complemented by a choice of hydraulic systems that incorporate the latest technologies for improved efficiency. These options include a load sensing hydraulic system that matches the engine power to the appropriate hydraulic flow, based on the load demand required. Sufficient flow is provided, whether the machine is operating in a trenching application, for fine control digging, or when suitable speed is needed for high productivity applications.

An adjustable flow control system (AFCS) can be installed to divert unused hydraulic fluid from the second pump to the hydraulic reservoir. In a loader application, AFCS optimises the travel power of the machine and improves productivity – this is particularly useful when travelling on the road.

For easy serviceability, these machines have a tilt-up hood which provides convenient access to the engine compartment and a single piece hood tilts away for ground access to all critical services and grease points.

The hydraulic oil sight gauge is installed on the side of the hydraulic tank for convenient inspection from ground level. A safety bar and locking pin are an integral part of the loader arm to ensure safety during servicing.

Hyundai has designed these machines with advanced features for maximum operator comfort, improved safety and low noise levels. The operator can easily reach all controls, whether the machine is in the loader or backhoe position. The cab has rounded front glass and larger door glass for a better field of view and an optional climate control system improves heating and cooling in the cab.

Hinged type side windows provide ventilation inside the cab and a fully adjustable suspension seat improves operator comfort.

The steering column and backhoe control tower can be tilted and adjusted for convenient operation. The cab structure is supported by six pillars, meeting ROPS/FOPS safety requirements.

Optional safety features include a switch on the rear console that disables the control lever of the loader, backhoe and stabiliser and a clam safety system which prevents the uncontrolled opening of the clam bucket by its weight of load during loading and dozing processes.

Adjustable front and rear 55 watt halogen work lights can be fitted to provide illumination for increased safety at the work area.

HPE Africa supports the full Hyundai range – which encompasses wheel loaders, excavators, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders – with an operator training programme to ensure optimum performance from every machine.

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