I-CAT water mist range
The Water Mist range boasts an operational lifespan four to five times
Maintenance and compliance are most imperative to mining operations and cannot be neglected, even during the downturn, notes I-CAT.

I-CAT assists mines to cope during the downturn by offering reliable and environment-friendly mining products and solutions, with cutting edge technologies.

I-CAT marketing director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg

I-CAT marketing director, Lourens Jansen van Rensburg indicates that the company is constantly evolving, improving and adjusting to market trends through its innovation and research department. “Our team works diligently to improve our product performance while keeping costs down. Through our extensive research and development, the lifespan and effectiveness of our products are significantly extended.”

I-CAT offers water purification and evaporation systems, a wide range of fire suppression solutions, tailing dam solutions and road dust suppression solutions. Its Environmental Services division also offers compliance monitoring, licensing and permitting, and legal and performance auditing. Its products are certified as environmentally friendly and are geared towards improving health and safety in mines.

I-CAT products have been successfully applied at several mines.

Dust suppression

I-CAT’s RDC 20 dust suppressant is produced from natural substances

Some of I-CAT’s notable dust suppression work includes designing, building and installing a large dust suppression system on the plant and processing area of a major iron ore mine in South Africa. I-CAT’s RDC 20 and GreenBit products are used for road dust suppression in mining environments.

“Our dust suppression systems and products are certified ‘green’ and extremely effective in controlling PM10 dust particles in the mining and industrial environments. They are effective, affordable and prove to be very popular in the market,” Jansen van Rensburg asserts.


The company’s I-VAP water evaporation range is effective for quick and safe wastewater evaporation.

Fire Solutions

I-CAT water mist range
The Water Mist range boasts an operational lifespan four to five times

I-CAT’s fire suppression solutions are specifically aimed at vehicle and plant safety. The company recently secured a major contract with mining vehicle and plant suppliers to install its systems in the vehicles prior to deployment at several mines and smelters.

The systems are self-detecting and/or manually operated and ensure operator safety in harsh environments.

Tailings dams

The TDS 2005 tailing dam solution is a unique environmentally friendly liquid used for the suppression of dust on tailing dams and large open soil areas.

“Mines have a number of challenges in reducing windswept dust on and around tailings dams and open soil areas. We are pursuant in providing a solution to these mines by supplying them with TDS 2005.

“Being an environmentally friendly product, this dust suppression solution is not applied to the detriment of the growth of vegetation but as a more permanent rehabilitation solution,” Jansen van Rensburg adds.

According to Jansen van Rensburg, the challenge on the tailings dams and open soil areas is to prevent wind from eroding the fine dust, which causes a dust cloud to be swept into the atmosphere and settle on populated and agricultural areas.

“The nature and size of the dust is an environmental hazard, therefore the solution is a matrix blend of a patented anionic surfactant and other environmentally friendly binding products. The unique properties of this liquid allow the product to penetrate into the surface of the dump and open soil areas, creating a durable bond binding the loose aggregate by forming a crust. This crust remains porous, allowing rainwater to penetrate and will not be washed away under normal precipitation.”

Even though mines are under extreme pressure to operate at tight margins due to the decline in commodity prices, I-CAT has solutions in place to meet their needs. “We are geared to absorb these commodity price fluctuations and can ride the cycle to its eventual up turn. Our contracts with clients are structured to accommodate our own price increases once commodity prices improve,” he concludes.