Integrated Pump Rentals
Integrated Pump Rental efficiently delivers a rental service around the clock to the standards that customers requires, says MD Lee Vine.

“Actually delivering a rental service all day, every day, to the standards that the customer needs, is the core of our business model,” Vine notes. “When a customer is in dire need ,with a dewatering problem for instance, they need a quick turnaround time with the right product available. This is what we do.”

He says the reality is that customers are in operation 24/7 and there are not many rental companies that can assist on this basis.

Vine cites a recent case of a surface coal mine customer urgently needing to dewater a large section of the pit.

“The requirement was for the supply and installation of nine diesel pumps with 2 000 m of lay-flat hose, including fittings,” he says. “The call came in at 2 pm on a Saturday; by the early hours of Sunday morning, the installation had been completed and our customer was more than satisfied.”

He highlights the accessibility of equipment as key to the success of Integrated Pump Rental. The company maintains a comprehensive rental fleet covering all needs, with the requisite technical support for installing and commissioning on site as a vital part of the service and support offering.

Integrated Pump Rental provides turnkey pumping solutions for small, medium-sized and large projects, ensuring that each project is carefully assessed to ensure the appropriate response.

“While we do have off-the-shelf options available for rent, our approach is to understand the customer’s needs and then recommend a fit-for-purpose solution,” says Vine. “It is not a case of one-pump-fits-all when it comes to the type of pumping environment in which we operate.”

Pump fleet at a glance

Integrated Pump Rental’s fleet includes submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps, diesel-driven pumps, dredging units, flotation devices and accessories. All pump rental solutions available from Integrated Pump Rental are ISO 9001 certified.

The locally manufactured SlurrySucker Dredge units, for example, are ideal for dredging and cleaning water capture areas where silt or slimes are encountered, while the SlurryBlaster hydro-mining equipment offers optimum performance coupled with reliability.

A recent addition to the rental range is the Sykes diesel-driven pump, suitable for all applications where electrical power is not available; these reliable pumps are engineered to offer market leading efficiency and are extremely robust.

Vine says that Integrated Pump Rental secured the agency for Sykes for southern Africa and all Sykes products are available for either sale or rental. This includes diesel and electric driven self-priming units.

Pump and hose flotation devices and custom engineered automation systems are also available for all pumping applications.

Industries across Africa served by Integrated Pump Rental include mining, quarrying, construction, wastewater and energy.

“Our pumping solutions are engineered to deal with the harsh operating conditions on the continent and options include short-term, medium-term and long-term turnkey rentals,” says Vine.