According to Integrated Pump Technology, there is an increased demand for robust submersible drainage and wastewater pumps.

This is due to growing urbanisation in Africa, and massive infrastructure development which has resulted in an increased demand for submersible drainage and waste water equipment.

The company recently extended its product offering with the inclusion of the extensive range of robustly constructed Faggiolati pumps.

Manufactured in Macerata, Italy, these quality submersible drainage and wastewater pumps are considered a natural complement to the company’s Grindex pump and accessory range.

[quote]Colin Adams, MD of Integrated Pump Technology, says there are a myriad of submersible drainage applications that call for a reliable and efficient pump that is capable of operating in the often arduous conditions found on mines, construction sites and water treatment plants across Africa.

“Significantly, Faggiolati submersible pumps do not only have application in the mining industry but are also ideally suited to general water transfer in the wastewater, effluent and sewage treatment sectors as well as in specialised pumping applications found in the paper and pulp industry, desalination plants and marine pumping.”

One of the most significant advantages that Faggiolati pumps offer is that all units are equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors. Adams says this is particularly important on a continent that needs energy efficient products and solutions.

Faggiolati pumps has been producing submersible pumps since 1985, and all pumps are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standards. Certified to ISO 80079-34:2011, most of the pump sizes can also be delivered for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

The pumps have a reputation globally for overall efficiency, both motor and hydraulic. Materials of construction have been carefully selected to facilitate optimum reliability and wear life, and the available hydraulic versions include drainage, grinder, single and multi-channel closed impellers as well as high efficiency Vortex.

The extensive product line-up, more than 800 items, ranges from 0.5 kW to 350 kW and pumps are available in grey cast iron as well as marine bronze and stainless steel for specialised applications.

With sole distribution rights for Faggiolati, Boksburg-based Integrated Pump Technology will also be distributing Faggiolati submersible mixers and aerators.

In line with its strategy of ensuring that customers have ready access to product, the company will maintain a stockholding commensurate with industry demands.

Adams says that the Faggiolati range was launched at Integrated Pump Technology’s Annual Distributor Conference earlier in the year, and was well received by all delegates.

“It is believed that this pump range will allow our distributors to meet the growing demand for submersible drainage pumps,” Adams concludes.