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Integrated Pump Technology adds TURBOLAB to distribution product range

This decision is in light of the company’s effort to provide the market with technology that improves productivity and reduces maintenance and downtime.

The TURBOLAB is a compact, fully assembled and ready-to-operate high vacuum system with application in laboratories, spectroscopy and micro balances as well as sputtering and evaporating systems.

John Russell, business development manager at Integrated Pump Technology, distributor of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum products within southern Africa, says the system, which has just been launched, is available in either table-top or mobile cart variants.

The table-top variant has a new diaphragm backing pump for industry proven TURBOVAC i Turbomolecular pumps, which attain ultimate pressures of between 10-7 to 10-10mbar and pumping speeds for N2 of 65 l/s to 430l/s, depending on the model selected.

TURBOLAB can be tailor made to individual customer needs with a choice of up to six connected accessories that include purge gas or venting valves, cooling units, heater collars and vacuum measurement devices, all connected through built-in communication ports.

TURBOLAB has been designed to simplify the data analysis step. “A Plug and Play approach allows the user to connect a computer to the TURBOLAB via a standard LAN interface. The built-in web server then allows users to access all critical parameters and conditions, and draw reports stored in an internal memory,” explains Russell.

“Integrated Pump Technology provides an end-to-end product solution for Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum products from high level product and technical support to ready availability of parts and servicing of fore-vacuum pumps. The TURBOLAB is another prime example of Integrated Pump Technology driving the introduction of niche technology for specific customer needs,” Russell concludes.