Leading global consultancies and the mining sector itself have highlighted a shift to digital innovation as a key industry trend for 2017 says iWayAfrica.

With lower commodity pricing, it’s no surprise that the mining sector is reinventing its future by using technology to unlock productivity through digital innovation.

The quest for improved productivity as well as safety is driving the industry to implement more automated systems and greater IT integration including real-time monitoring, health and safety systems, security services, online customs clearance and access to ERP applications amongst others.

iWayAfrica in association with its parent company Gondwana International Networks has established a satellite communications Hub in South Africa for a new pan-regional Ku-band satellite service, Jola, that provides lower latency for Intra-Africa traffic, enabling and improving ERP applications.

iWayAfrica Mauritius MD, Ali Bofulo.

Leveraging Intelsat 28 Ku-Band coverage and utilising efficient, state of the art technology on the ground, Jola offers the widest coverage access across sub-Saharan Africa with the most flexible service offering for the end user to combine optimal speed requirement to a monthly data usage to fit their usage pattern and budget.

Jola is available across Sub-Saharan Africa via authorised partners of iWayAfrica.

“Reliable, adaptable and ubiquitous connectivity is a critical enabler for this digital innovation roadmap for the mining sector where connectivity requirements are more than just linking a remote site to a regional or global head office,” comments Ali Bofulo, MD, iWayAfrica (Mauritius).

An integral part of the iWayAfrica service portfolio, satellite last mile connectivity is seamlessly incorporated into existing fibre MPLS networks to provide remote site connectivity to regional head offices for a multitude of applications.

iWayAfrica also offers a backup and business continuity service, Jola SOS, which is a low-cost, always on 10Mbps VSAT back up link with fixed data allowances that can be topped up as and when required. Provisioned with automated switch-over to and from satellite, Jola SOS is designed to complement existing fibre or wireless networks.

iWayAfrica recently showcased its satellite solution in Lubumbashi at the DRC Mining Week event triggering new sales from local mining services companies and interest across the region.

iWayAfrica will also be attending West & Central African Mining in Accra in September with its local ISP operation, AfricaOnline. With its 20-year history in Ghana as the country’s oldest ISP, AfricaOnline has a suite of services to serve the expanding West African mining sector including satellite, wireless and fibre connectivity for remote operations and metro-based head offices.

Ghana’s falling producer price index has been attributed to the fall in the mining and quarry sector indices showing its reliance on international commodity prices, yet at the same time new mining opportunities are becoming available, thus the need for smarter mining for improved returns.

The CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Sulemana Koney, has urged his government to focus on the mining industry as a catalyst for development as part of the Ghanian government’s ten-point agenda for economic transformation for job and service developments.

This may see a faster shift to digital transformation in the country’s mining sector than previously envisaged.

Satellite has long been used as an access technology by mining and exploration companies in establishing communications in remote sites.

Now these same companies can leverage off enhancements in the satellite industry to implement their own digital innovation strategies in the same remote locations.


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