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Kazzinc selects enterprise planning platform to boost efficiency

Kazzinc, a Glencore majority owned company, will implement RPM’s Enterprise Planning Platform to complement its planned investment in SAP and ultimately obtain the “operational planning behaviours” that mining companies need.

Richard Mathews, CEO of RPM, said: “We are committed to ensuring that our software supports the productivity improvements Kazzinc is striving to achieve. I believe that continuous data interchange between the mining industries’ two major software providers will drive operational and financial benefits across Kazzinc’s business.”

Data will be exchanged seamlessly between the systems using RPM’s SAP certified integration. The zinc major will use the strength of SAP’s Hana platform combined with RPM’s budgeting and forecasting system to provide operational, plant and maintenance budgets and life of mine forecasts.

Kazzinc will also implement RPM scheduling and simulation applications in its open pit and underground operations, which will seamlessly link into the budgeting solutions.

The adoption of these digital tools and capabilities from RPM will result in improved operating efficiency for the company, as well as the capability to develop and deliver more accurate and agile planning in real-time, assisting Kazzinc to maximise profit and performance across its mining value chain.

The project will be rolled out across its operations, which includes four underground mines, two open pit mines, a concentrator plant as well as the company’s central planning office.