Maelgwyn Mineral Services
Minerals processing technology provider Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa is adept in assisting clients cost effectively increase their minerals processing recovery.

This is thanks largely to Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa proprietary equipment and processes, as well as key highly skilled personnel who all share extensive metallurgical research and development backgrounds.

Established in 2006, Maelgwyn Mineral Services has spent the last 11 years showcasing its expertise and equipment skills sets to the African mining market and in doing so has assisted numerous mining clients improve their minerals processing recoveries.

Maelgwyn Mineral Services owns the exclusive licence for sub-Saharan Africa to market, manufacture, sell and use the mineral and environmental processing technology owned and developed by Maelgwyn Mineral Services. The company offers two key mineral processing technologies – Imhoflot pneumatic flotation and Aachen High Shear Reactors based oxidation and oxygenation – as well as a dedicated metallurgical test work facility, which functions both to test its proprietary technologies on potential client’s ores and as an independent commercial laboratory that services the minerals processing industry.

“What truly distinguishes our patented equipment technology in the market is its robust wear resistance which requires minimal maintenance by comparison with competitor products, and can also be easily adapted to work in any specific environment,” says Maelgwyn Mineral Services manager: gold process and environment, Peter Lotz.

“And equipment longevity equates to less capital spend. As a result, this has enabled us to build close partnerships and trust with our clients – both in terms of our services and our equipment capabilities.”

 Aachen oxidation technology

 The Aachen oxidation technology, which competes with pressure oxidation or bio-leaching on moderately refractory ores, is far less expensive, effectively achieves high level oxygen mass transfer and has proven highly successful in the gold mining sector in particular. Slurry is pumped from the process tank through the reactor where oxygen is introduced at high shear/high velocity in a specially engineered aerator system.

“Most of the clients that have incorporated this technology into their process plants are based in West Africa and include Randgold Resources’ Kibali, Tongon, Loulo and Morila mines. We also have an installation footprint at the New Liberty gold mine in Liberia and Pan African Resources’ Barberton tailings reclamation project,” says Maelgwyn Mineral Services business development manager, Juan van der Merwe.

“The technology is well suited to the tailings reclamation market within the mining sector where South African gold miners are looking to maximise gold recoveries from low grade material and in the process clean up the environment,” Lotz adds.

Aachen reactors can be rented and have demonstrated a high level of acceptance because they are easy to retrofit and they contribute to reduced capital expenditure during plant construction.

Imhoflot pneumatic flotation technology

Imhoflot pneumatic flotation can be applied effectively to recover material successfully recovered by conventional flotation. One of the advantages of the G-Cell is the reduced size and footprint, therefore, G-Cell technology lends itself to retrofitting into existing plants to increase performance.

It is also well suited for use in a mobile plant concept to recover valuable components within tailings material from either current arising material or existing tailings dumps. The technology offers a variety of distinctive and unique principles of operation:

  • Collection/contact process takes place outside the cell in an aeration unit;
  • No moving parts – the feed pump supplies the energy for particle/bubble contact;
  • Proprietary aeration systems are self-aspirating;
  • Mechanical dispersion of air and process pulp is not required inside the separating vessel;
  • Residence time inside the separating vessel is just sufficient for concentrate and tails separation to occur;
  • Entrainment of non-floating components is reduced by the company’s G-cell design features.

Imhoflot flotation cells, characterised by high unit throughput capacity and tolerant of wide variations in feed grade, offers a number of benefits. They do not experience sliming due to fluctuations in feed rates.

“The installation footprint is reduced compared to other flotation systems where cells are on the same level compared to conventional cells cascading from height. The process is also modular in design which allows for easy assembly and parts replacement,” says Van der Merwe.

Maelgwyn Mineral Services is looking to gain more traction with this technology in the market; the South African footprint includes an installation near Springs where EBM is re-treating tailings dam material for the recovery of silver.

Metallurgical test work facility

“What sprouted from developing the laboratory in 2009, which has grown phenomenally since then, is the capability to do more metallurgical test work beyond our own technology. We identified a gap in the market for comminution, froth flotation, gravity concentration, leach optimisation and cyanide destruction test work where we provide solid interpretation of results thanks to our collective experience,” notes Van der Merwe.

Successfully completed programmes range from ad hoc testwork and consultation to full bankable feasibility level studies.  In addition to providing metallurgical processing expertise across precious metals beneficiation, Maelgwyn Mineral Services also provides consultation, from cyanide and arsenic management to the development of process flow sheets including gold, copper, phosphate, graphite as well as tin and coal fines beneficiation.

The company also has a partnership agreement with a mineralogy specialist. This adds more value to client projects as their ore mineralogy transitions or changes over time.

“It is essential to evaluate future feed stocks on a regular basis in order to verify and optimise recoveries regularly which is a service we pride ourselves on offering,” states Van der Merwe.

“One of the driving forces behind our success is our flexible and un-bureaucratic nature. Combined with the ability to conduct test work on site, which allows for accurate and immediate results, we’re able to provide our clients with the tools to implement the resultant work and thereafter gain the benefits.”

For more information contact:

Juan D van der Merwe
Business Development Manager
Tel: +27 11 474 0705