Local fan and ventilation specialist, MechCaL were the recipients of The Department of Science and Technology Minister’s Award for Sustainable Performance at the 2015 Technology Top 100 Awards.

MechCaL was evaluated in its entirety within special focus on their management team to determine the impact that they have had in the marketplace. Described by the Department of Science and Technology as “the ultimate measure”, this award is given in recognition of companies that demonstrate a holistic approach to managing their operations and prove themselves as a role model to all South African companies.

In essence, the Sustainable Performance Award recognises the value that an organisation contributes to both its internal and external communities. Such an organisation should demonstrate not only the ability to manage its TIPS™ elements within its own operations, but also demonstrate its ability to manage its impact on the environment, its commitment to B-BBEE, job creation, employment equity and in some instances, private and public partnerships.

Part of what judges look for in determining a winner is the ability of an organisation to make a meaningful difference to communities, whilst at the same time contributing to organisational ecology.

MechCaL’s Managing Director and spokesperson, Gavin Ratner, accepted the award on behalf of his team. “Everyone in the company feels honoured and at the same time immensely proud to have our achievements and innovation recognised on the TT100 platform. It confirms yet again that MechCaL is a leader in the field of innovative and environmentally friendly ventilation technology.”

MechCaL is no stranger to the winner’s podium at the TT100 Awards having walked away with multiple awards in the last three consecutive award ceremonies. Their pattern of success mirrors the company’s growth from an emerging enterprise to a small enterprise and to finally entering as a medium to large enterprise this year.

In 2009 they won the Emerging Enterprise Award for Excellence in the Management of Technology and were finalists in the Emerging Enterprise category for Holistic Management. 2011 saw them sweeping three wins for Excellence in Management of Research, Excellence in Management of Technology and Excellence in Management of Innovation. In 2012 they won the Sustainable Performance award for a small enterprise and were named as finalists the categories of Excellence in Management of Research, Excellence in Management of Technology, Excellence in Management of Innovation and Excellence in Management of Systems.