Criterion Equipment has launched a new range of Smart TCM 2-3 T engine powered forklift trucks, designed for enhanced performance in all operating conditions, even harsh environments.

“Smart engine-powered counter-balanced type forklift trucks are now available with two new types of engines to enhance existing Kubuto diesel engines. A wider choice of gasoline or diesel engines provides the flexibility to meet the diversified performance requirements of industrial trucks,” says Brenton Kemp, MD, Criterion Equipment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Although there are no significant changes of the major truck specifications and the external appearance of this series over the previous Smart series, there have been some changes of components for improved performance.

“These new Smart concept machines have been designed and manufactured in accordance with stringent quality and safety specifications to ensure enhanced reliability and flexibility, as well as economical operation and extended service life.”

Smart internal combustion engine forklift trucks, which have a power-shift transmission and loading capacities of 2, 2.5 and 3 t, are now available with two new types of engines – Isuzu C240 diesel engines and GCT K21 gasoline engines.

These engines – with a deep bass noise level, as opposed to the high pitch noise of other machines – have been designed for reduced noise levels during operation.

Isuzu C240 engines, which meet Tier 3 emission control regulations, have an engine management system that delivers efficient power, enhanced reliability and economic operation.

Smart forklift trucks have a mono-block type transmission where the transmission case is combined with the drive axle housing to absorb engine vibration at two points of rubber mounting. The absorbed engine vibration is transmitted to the differential through the transmission and engine power is also transmitted to the differential through the transmission without loss, because of direct gear connection.

Smart machines have a full hydraulic steering system without knob shift control. All the operator has to do is keep turning the hand-wheel at the end of each position.

Optional accessories, designed originally for TCM’s Inoma series, are fully compatible with these machines, to ensure enhanced operation, greater flexibility and improved safety. Optional equipment and hydraulic attachments include wide view full free two and three-stage masts, side shifters, hinged forks, rotating clamps, load grabs and turna forks.

There are fewer parts in this range than other forklifts on the market and all main components are located on the same side of the machine for effortless and efficient maintenance.

Safety has been critical in the design of this new Smart series. A new fork landing mechanism ensures the fork lowering speed decelerates at a height of approximately 150 mm above the ground, enabling accurate placement of the forks into the load fork pockets or pallet.

High mounted rear combination lights are clearly visible at the top of the overhead guard and are recessed to protect against vibration and to ensure extended bulb life. The front and rear pillars are welded together as a single piece head guard structure, giving additional strength to the entire frame. A rubber strip attached to the hood prevents operator slippage.

Optional safety accessories include a rotating warning light, rear working lights, windshield wipers and an insulator kit.

Enhanced operator comfort ensures increased productivity, especially in harsh South African conditions. In the Smart series, tilt cylinders are situated under the floor to provide an expansive floor space for easy foot movement. A multi-functional suspension seat, a small diameter easily maneuverable steering wheel, a convenient parking lever and an enlarged foot step, enhance comfort and safety for the operator.

TCM forklifts, reach trucks and container handlers are available from Criterion Equipment branches, as well as dealers and agencies. The company provides a technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa.