Yale Hand Chain Hoist VSIII - 1TONYale’s newly designed hand chain hoist model VSIII is a versatile and highly cost-effective hoist with a wide range of applications.

Coming from the Columbus McKinnon Corporation stable and distributed in Africa by CMCO Material Handling – the newly designed hand chain hoist VSIII is an innovative further development introduced by Yale and is available in a capacity of 250 kg to 5 000 kg.

The high quality of the bearings used for the gearbox, side plates and load chain sheave allows for a long service life. The top and bottom hooks are also of a particularly high quality and features pimples in the hook for measuring the throat opening and stretch, as well as safety latches.

The load chain is zinc-plated and the brake parts and guide rollers are zinc-plated and yellow-chromated, for additional corrosion protection. As an added safety feature, the hoist can also be fitted with an overload protection drive.

Yale has designed the VSIII hand chain hoist to be safe, efficient and easy to use. One of the new features is an improved hand chain guide that prevents the hand chain from jamming. High quality bearings on the side plates, gearbox and load chain sheave ensure smooth operation of the load chain and drive pinion, and optimised hand forces set standards for easy operation.

Other features include a reinforced hand wheel cover for increased stability, precision machined guide rollers to ensure smooth running of the load chain, as well as sealed bearings in the side plates, and dust covers for the friction discs.

The Yale hand chain hoist VSIII is a safe, efficient and high quality lifting and hoisting solution, with innovative design and added safety features making it easy to use and highly reliable.

Optional extras include a chain container and an overload protection device.

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