From left, Derrick Alston, CEO of Joest Kwatani, Kim Schoepflin, MD of Joest Kwatani and Masego Mokitimi of Vhatsila Holdings
From left, Derrick Alston, CEO of Joest Kwatani, Kim Schoepflin, MD of Joest Kwatani and Masego Mokitimi of Vhatsila Holdings

Local vibrating equipment manufacturer Joest has entered into an agreement with black-owned consortium Vhatsila Holdings to form Joest Kwatani.

The agreement sees Vhatsila Holdings acquiring a 30% stakeholding in the company, making Joest Kwatani the first in its class to exceed the requirements of the Mining Charter.

As a result of this move and the concerted effort to continue with its programme of preferential procurement and skills development, Joest Kwatani has also achieved a Level 3 BBBEE certification. Two shareholders from Vhatsila Holdings have been appointed to Joest Kwatani’s board as non-executive directors.

Under Gunter Vogel’s guidance, Joest Kwatani has grown over the past 26 years into a major supplier of high quality vibrating equipment suitable for the harsh African mining environment. According to Kim Schoepflin, MD of the company, Joest Kwatani has a heritage that is proudly African and it is therefore fitting that the company has changed its name to one which embodies this credo.

“Interestingly Kwa Tani is Swahili for ‘For Tonnage’. This is appropriate, given the fact that Joest Kwatani has a 39 year track record of designing and supplying high quality customised vibrating equipment, characterised by robust construction and emphasis on continuous tonnage,” says Schoepflin.

Part of the company’s heritage is its on-going commitment to overall transformation and it will leverage this operating strategy to continue to empower and uplift South Africans. Showing care for the communities in which it operates is one of Joest Kwatanis’s core values and education remains the key focus of the company’s Social Upliftment Programme.

Joest Kwatani facilitates business and administrative skills development for a number of disabled, previously disadvantaged individuals who would otherwise not have access to this type of education. “Since Africa has some of the harshest mining conditions in the world, we engineer our products to global best practice standards and as a result we can boast an established footprint on the African continent of screens and other vibrating equipment. In all instances, our products set the benchmark for reliability, efficiency and performance,” Schoepflin points out.

“Similarly, the Vhatsila Holdings directors and shareholders have strong mining and engineering backgrounds, indicating that there is a clear understanding of the industry in which we operate as well as the challenges faced in the sector. They will naturally leverage their expertise and experience to assist us on our continued growth path,” Schoepflin adds.

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