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Pilot Crushtec supplies free-standing TowerLights to Just Coal

The additional five lighting solutions is the second consignment to be supplied by Pilot Crushtec International to the Middelburg-based customer, which will see the coal miner increase its TowerLight fleet size to a total of nine units.

Pilot Crushtec International notes that the Towerlights enables Just Coal to operate safely and productively throughout 24-hour working cycles.

Pilot Crushtec
The range of Towerlights imported by Pilot Crushtec International provides powerful solutions for mining industries

TowerLights offer a range of cost-effective, environmentally sound, mobile and free-standing lighting tower solutions that enable mining and construction operations to work safely and productively throughout 24-hour working cycles.

Pilot Crushtec International CEO Sandro Scherf explains that the results delivered by the coal miner’s first TowerLight VT8 units purchased in 2014, made them the natural choice for ensuring its new Spring Forest opencast mining site would be capable of working safely and efficiently around the clock.

“Apart from their lighting performance (each unit can illuminate an area of up to 3 800 m²), they have impressed with their reliability and ease of transportation,” says Scherf.

The TowerLight telescopic lighting mast is regarded as a major safety feature and is easy to raise and lower.

Scherf adds that previous experience with designs based on folding towers had proved them to be unstable, dangerous as well as prone to damaging the lights themselves.

TowerLight systems have gained ready acceptance among the local mining and mine rehabilitation community for a number of good reasons.

They are compact, easily transportable (most are supplied street legal for towing purposes) and driven by a Lombardini diesel motor with a 75-litre tank which ensures they can operate when and where required for an unbroken 24 hours without refuelling.

TowerLights are the ideal lighting solution for mining and quarrying applications, road works and construction sites, outdoor events and as a source of income to the rental industry.

Key features of the TowerLight VT8 lighting tower:

  • 8-m telescopic lighting tower certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h
  • 4 x 1 000 W metal halide flood lights
  • Lombardini diesel power enabling 9 kVA – 230 voltage output
  • Standard issue includes galvanised stabilisers to provide a secure footing on uneven terrain
  • Road legal to facilitate rapid transportation between sites