Proof Mining Solutions

Mining cable and cable connector manufacturer Proof Mining Solutions, part of the Hudaco Group, has maintained its entrepreneurial and innovative roots since inception in 1978 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company’s latest drive has been to provide customers with much needed information about the performance of their equipment using innovative monitoring and reporting tools accessed by customers via an easy-to-use mobile application.

This article first appeared in Mining Elites in Africa 2019

According to Proof Mining Solutions MD, Donovan Marks, who is also the director of sister company Powermite, the company has had to alter its business strategy to take into account the evolving digital industry.

“We have adapted our business strategy to enable us to better service the needs of our customers in this ever-evolving digital operating environment,” he says.

Proof Mining Solution’s has leveraged digitisation to improve the overall experience for its customers, from website interaction to in-house systems that make the customer experience easier and more effective.

With information made available at your fingertips via a user-friendly mobile application, Proof Mining Solutions’ customers can access information and data on product lines, product deliveries, and service offerings, in turn benefitting from improved operational efficiency and control.

The company is also underway with a project to help its customers’ manage their product performance.

In doing so, Proof Mining Solutions is looking to install a tracking device on certain products as a means to monitor and manage the usage and maintenance of the product.

“In this way our customers can now track, via a mobile application where a specific cable connector is, how often the cable connector and the cable have been repaired and by whom,” Marks explains.

Due to the technical nature of Proof Mining Solutions products, the mobile application will also serve as a platform for customers to access technical information on various product lines to enable them to quickly research and reference data that will help them to assist their clients with the correct product selection to offer a proper solution.

Together with its sister company – components, equipment and systems specialist, Powermite – the two companies provide an end-to-end cable and connector solution for mining and industrial applications.

Proof Mining Solutions designs, manufactures and sells a range of flameproof and non-flameproof products including low, medium and high-voltage (1.1 KV through 35 KV, 120 A through 800 A) in different configurations including plugs, sockets, adaptors, and couplers. The range also includes hazardous lighting solutions and flameproof glands.

Meanwhile, Powermite’s products include a range of rugged TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) copper-screened mining cables with flexible Class 5 tinned annealed copper wire conductors, designed to withstand the hazardous conditions, as well as industrial connectors, plugs and sockets.

Having successfully serviced the mining and industrial industry for the past 41 years, Proof Mining Solutions continues to strive towards the creation of strong partnerships and making sure it provides the necessary technical support to its clients to offer peace of mind service when it comes to their cable and connector requirements. 

As a part of the larger Hudaco Group, Proof Mining Solutions has adopted its parent companies’ ‘Africa Drive’ strategy aimed at making inroads into Africa.

Having already laid strong foundations in the African countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia, thanks to the Hudaco Group, who has established distributor partnerships in these country, Proof Mining Solutions aims to expand and grow this presence even further and is currently exploring opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Kenya.

“We believe the mining activity in Africa provides endless growth opportunities for us. Our aim is to partner with Africa’s burgeoning mining sector and in so doing grow our business and footprint in Africa too,” says Marks.

Further afield, Proof Mining Solutions’ products can be found in international mining and tunnelling operations as far afield as Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Australia and Europe.

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