Pump and Abrasion
Aimex 2017
Pump and Abrasion Technologies Australia has introduced the CURVE range of slurry pumps to the Australian mining community.

Pump and Abrasion Technologies has taken the exciting and bold step to design and manufacture a new range of slurry pumps, tailored specifically for the needs of the market.

From a clean sheet, Pump and Abrasion Technologies applied the latest technology and came up with a revolutionary range of slurry pumps, called the CURVE range.

“The range provides customers with major improvements in Total Ownership Cost (TOC), improved efficiency, lower power consumption throughout the life-cycle, overall safety, parts wear life and maintenance requirements,” says Gerhard van Vuuren, Pump and Abrasion Technologies’ business manager.

This fresh approach to slurry pumping had an immediate and positive impact on the South African and African mining industry. With a global vision, logically the next step after the successes was to enter the Australian market and expand the CURVE footprint.

After an in depth analysis of the Australian market, Western Australia was chosen as the starting point for the Australian operations.

In April 2017 the company was registered and a highly specialised team was assembled to develop and grow the Australian business.

A great addition to the team is Ian Moulsdale, an industry veteran with more than 20-years experience in slurry pump technology as sales manager.

“In 22 years I have not seen this big a step-up in pumping technology and design, it was an easy decision to become part of this great product. Without a doubt the best company, best people and best product I have worked with in a very long time”, says Moulsdale.

During the first four months, Pump and Abrasion Technologies Australia has managed to install CURVE pumps for two Western Australian customers on their processing sites.

The results have been tremendous with customers reducing their TOC by up to 59%.

Additional benefits to Pump and Abrasion Technologies customers include 100% reduction on gland seal water requirement due to superior dry gland seal arrangement, ease of maintenance on pumps, longer service life compared to conventional slurry pumps and improved safety during maintenance.

Pump and Abrasion Technologies Australia are focused on a future where they continue to support customers needs through the CURVE range of slurry pumps, making their customer’s operations more cost efficient, whilst improving the safety of employees.

Feature image credit: Pump and Abrasion Technologies