Pump and Abrasion Technologies successfully introduced its innovative product range, CURVE, to global markets at the recent MINExpo.

Pump and Abrasion Technologies unveiled its latest product range, CURVE, to the African market at Electra Mining 2016 and to global markets at the recent MINExpo in Las Vegas, USA.

According to sales director James Pienaar the reaction to CURVE from potential international clients has been highly positive.

As a product with the potential to change the industry, the company believes that the CURVE product range stood out head and shoulders above the rest at the MINExpo; it was perceived as a product that has made significant improvements in its field.

The CURVE range has been designed and developed by Pump and Abrasion Technologies over the past three years. Its design and features are based on in-depth research of what its clients need.

The result is an innovative pump solution that is customised to the requirements of its end user, addressing its operational needs. Based on the information that was gathered, the internal hydraulic layout of the CURVE pumps was redesigned to achieve a combined optimum capital and operational cost when measuring the specific geometric size of the pump against the total lifecycle cost.

In addition to this, low energy consumption was prioritised in the CURVE’s  design and CURVE can be retrofitted to legacy pumping systems with minimal changes to the existing piping. This results in a 40-60% reduction in total ownership costs.

Overall, the products in the new CURVE range offer decreased energy consumption throughout the product life cycle, TOC reduction, longer wear life, increased efficiency and improved safety during installation and maintenance.

According to Pienaar, international visitors to MINExpo were relieved to finally see something new and different in an industry that has been stagnant for a number of years in terms of product design and new technology.

Pienaar adds that the product features that visitors were most impressed with included the safety improvements that make it safer to work with the pump and the lower maintenance requirements due to the CURVE range’s longer life cycles. Engineers were captured by the CURVE’s overall reliability and uptime.

Most foremen were drawn to the fact that the CURVE’s disassembly and reassembly time is half of that of other pumps on the market.