SEW-EURODRIVE boasts a comprehensive range of equipment to fulfill the need to improve efficiencies at wastewater plants.

SEW-EURODRIVE Cape Town branch manager Byron Griffiths indicates that there are a number of plans for upgrades to wastewater treatment plants across South Africa and Swaziland to improve current infrastructure to deal with rapid urban expansion.

Parallel helical geared motor unit by SEW-EURODRIVE
Parallel helical geared motor unit by SEW-EURODRIVE

He reveals that the company recently supplied ten FF107AM132 parallel helical geared motor units to the Matsapha Greenfields Wastewater Treatment Plant in Swaziland. “These units are ideally-suited for a mixing application in the wastewater treatment plant.”

What’s more, SEW-EURODRIVE also supplied geared motors for the mixers at the Saldanha Wastewater Treatment Works. “We provide detailed calculations that are custom-designed to each and every client’s individual specifications and preferences,” Griffiths continues.

He points out that SEW-EURODRIVE supplies equipment for applications such as aerators, Archimedes screw pumps, mixers, screen drives, bridge drives and rotary filters. “On each quote or tender, we provide geared solutions that meet and exceed the specification that the industry expects when looking at bearing life, service factor, thermal and gear ratings, and shaft stresses.”

Griffiths believes that the greatest challenge in the industry is supplying a good quality product that meets the specifications laid out by industry at the best possible price. “Our value-added service, combined with comprehensive stockholding and a national foot print, places us in a good position, especially if planned projects go ahead as scheduled,” he concludes.