Dust, wind, water and overall harsh conditions in the mining industry call for strong, resilient and waterproof equipment that can withstand the elements.

If not connected properly even the best machines can be rendered useless and pose a safety threat to workers.

When something needs to be fixed, it is crucial that the turnaround time is kept to a minimum to avoid machine downtime and related costs.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 2, 2019 

Traditional crimp connectors have always had issues with vibration and corrosion.

With Simple Solders that challenge is removed.

Simple Solders’ connectors are a revolutionary new wiring connection system for cable connections and end terminations.

The best electronic and electric equipment available on the market becomes useless if not connected properly.

Simple Solders provide a high-quality, sealed solder connection that takes the guesswork out of soldering.

Soldered terminations provide superior tensile strength and conductivity.

UL recognised, DIN certified and IP67 rated, Trysome’s Simple Solders can endure even the toughest conditions.

Lead-free and RoHS compliant, Simple Solders are safe for the environment while at the same time provide greater tensile strength.

These connectors do not corrode, pull out or drop the voltage feed that industry depends on. (Trysome is the largest, single-source supplier of heavy-duty, auto-electrical components and collision avoidance systems in southern Africa.)

Simple Solders offer a quick and permanent join or termination with just 138°C which can be achieved with any make of electric heat gun, jet flame torch, lighter or hot air gun.

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