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SKF awards Delba Electrical 5th electrical rewinder certification

SKF’s Anton Theunissen congratulates Armando and David Balocco on Delba Electrical’s 5th electrical rewinder certification
SKF’s Anton Theunissen congratulates Armando and David Balocco on Delba Electrical’s 5th electrical rewinder certification

SKF South Africa was proud to award Delba Electrical with its fifth Electrical Rewinder Certification status in September 2014.

Delba Electrical was the first officially audited and approved company to receive the SKF Certified Electrical Rewinder Certificate when the Programme was first introduced by SKF to the South African market in December 2006.

“The objective of the SKF Programme, which is audited every two years, is to improve motor repair effectiveness for enhanced motor reliability and improved mean time between failures (MTBF),” explains SKF Distributor Development Manager, Anton Theunissen. “The Programme is a three-way partnership between the electric motor rebuilder, the SKF authorised distributor and SKF.”

Delba Electrical, established in 1963 and headquartered in Springs, Gauteng, is one of Southern Africa’s most trusted and respected motor repair, rewind and design specialists. The fact that Delba was the only company in 2006 to have been certified and is currently the only company with fifth recertification status, bears testament to the electric motor refurbishing specialist’s reputation of excellence in electric motor design, repair, rewinding and testing that spans more than 50 years.

Delba is in the final stages of completing the construction of a new heavy engineering facility. According to Delba Managing Director, David Balocco, the new large motor repair workshop’s 100 Ton lifting capacity will open up a whole new line of business as the company will now also be able to offer rewinds on large motors.

“Since the initial audit in 2006, Delba Electrical continues to manage a high quality and procedure-driven electric motor service facility with competent, experienced and motivated people,” continues Theunissen. “The Delba site consistently produces high quality repair and refurbishments for a wide range of customer types, and is already in compliance with several industry standards and practices.” He adds that Delba Electrical maintained a high overall audit rating, scoring full marks in the majority of test criteria.

Delba Electrical also continues to invest in SKF’s Reliability Systems equipment and will also shortly commence with the implementation of the latest Apple iPad based SKF apps for the control and monitoring of all processes involved with the rebuilding of customer motors. This will include the cloud based SKF CART system.

The certification process was first initiated in the USA following the publishing of a paper by Frederick Franding on ‘Partnering for Improved Reliability’. This study on motor reliability in ten US Paper Mills revealed that the highest industry costs lay in reliability incidents; all costs in excess of $30k were logged to either equipment repair or production downtime and results showed that when it came to high repair costs, electric motors came second only to paper rolls.

Only two years after implementation, the value of the Certification Programme was revealed; an overall reduction of 10% was documented, with one US paper mill showing significant reductions in the purchase of new motors and repairs.

Stringent production requirements, substandard motor repair/rebuild, incorrect transportation, storage and installation are some of the factors attributed to electric motor failure. Although the average purchase cost of electric motors is relatively low, unplanned production stoppages caused by premature motor failure can have massive cost implications in industrial and mining applications where high volumes of electric motors are operational.

The SKF Recertification Programme holds a number of advantages for Delba Electrical. SKF is known across the world for machine reliability through its extensive knowledge and expertise in bearing, seal, lubrication and condition monitoring solutions. “As a SKF Certified Rebuilder, Delba Electrical is able to bring these capabilities to its customers,” says Theunissen. “In addition, as new products, tools and repair methods are developed, SKF Certified Rebuilders will benefit from updated procedures and on-going training.”

Additional advantages of SKF certification for Delba Electrical include:

  • Consistent high-quality motor repairs, minimised variance, and improved motor service life
  • Root-cause failure analysis that pinpoints the cause of the failure
  • High-quality SKF bearings, seals, lubricants and condition monitoring solutions that help prevent recurring failures
  • Reduced warranty claims
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • On-going service and support that keeps them running at maximum profitability
  • SKF oversight in managing compliance with SKF quality standards
  • SKF technical and marketing support.

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