Rope access is one of the most efficient ways to carry out maintenance
Rope access is one of the most efficient ways to carry out maintenance

Following steady and sustained growth in 2015, rope access specialist Skyriders has expanded its workforce by an impressive 10% during the course of the year, with targets of creating an additional 15 employment opportunities in 2016.

This would mean bucking the national trend of shedding jobs, by actually increasing staff numbers from 243 to 271. Skyriders marketing manager Mike Zinn attributes this on-going success to the fact that rope access is safer, quicker and more cost-effective than most traditional means of access.

“Our experienced and highly-trained rope access technicians continue to offer high quality safe services using alternative access systems that assist client budgets in going a little further in challenging times,” he explains.

Skyriders offers a variety of rope access aided services to numerous industries, such as power generation, mining, heavy industry and facilities management. These services include ultra-high pressure washing, concrete inspection, repairs, application of coating systems, work at height safety systems, welding, and confined space rescue and standby.

Zinn indicates that Skyriders has expanded its scope of work in the petrochemical industry, and noted some advancements in the power generation sector too. “We have successfully done inspection work at sites across Africa, and provided standby-rescue teams for many projects, in addition to carrying out ultra-high pressure washing and protective coating work too.”

Looking to the future, Zinn believes that Skyriders will maintain its competitive edge in the power generation, petrochemical and construction industries, while gaining market share in its less established sectors, such as mining.

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