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Sulzer Pumps focuses on renewable energy

Solar power plant - Sulzer pumps
The recent rise in local renewable energy projects include advanced solar power plants using CSP technology

Sulzer Pumps is aiming to become the dominant supplier of pumping solutions for concentrated solar power (CSP) which is being realised with the awarding of multiple contracts across the globe.

Utilising its considerable global expertise, the company continues to design and manufacture pumping solutions for the complex processes within these plants wherever the requirement for precision manufacturing is of a primary concern.

Similarly, Sulzer Pumps South Africa has been awarded contracts to supply full solutions for local solar power plants that are currently planned or under construction. The advantages of the pumps being supplied by a local South African company are numerous and will give the local operation’s design teams the ability to showcase their abilities within the global arena.

Water to steam

“Sulzer Pumps is a company with a global footprint and its branches from Spain, Germany and India will make a contribution to bringing these projects to a successful conclusion,” says project manager Henno Raaths. “Sulzer Pumps South Africa will however take the full lead in terms of engineering and supply of the highly sophisticated equipment.”

The recent rise in local renewable energy projects include advanced solar power plants using CSP technology. CSP operations require a special heat transfer fluid (HTF) or molten salts to be circulated around a solar heat absorber and pumped to a special heat exchanger which converts water to steam and effectively makes up the conventional steam cycle.

HTF pumps specifically, are manufactured for high temperature applications that include thermal transients and sealing of flammable and hazardous fluids under extreme cyclic operating conditions.

With experience in HTF pumps dating back to 1985, Sulzer Pumps has a vast understanding of the requirements and operating philosophies involved to produce pumps that can perform under such strenuous conditions.

Solutions provider

HTF and solar heat transfer pumps will be based on the company’s new HZB range which is able to pump liquids at temperatures in excess of 400oC, pressures of more than 50 bar and flows in the region of 4 000 m³/hour.

In  order to provide fully engineered pumping solutions covering entire solar power plants the company is also supplying feed water pumps, HTF overflow pumps and water condensate extraction pumps complete with sealing systems, drives, motors and instrumentation.  Sulzer South Africa further has the expertise to assist with installation, commissioning and service support across the complete range of pumps.

Across the globe in places like Spain, India, Israel, Middle East and the USA a growing number of plants are making use of Sulzer Pumps’ engineered solutions.

Currently the fleet of CSP pumps within these areas includes nearly 250 HTF pumps, 100 feed water pumps, 40 condensate extraction pumps, as well as numerous cooling water pumps and hot water circulation pumps. “With such a large and active CSP pump population, it is easy to see why we have become the trusted name in the supply of specialist engineered pumping solutions for renewable energy projects,” concludes Raaths.

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