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Cost effective wastewater treatment solutions

Arduous operating conditions at wastewater-treatment plants mean that motors specified have to be high-efficiency tested to be IP 65-rated for corrosion resistance.

This according to Bearings International (BI) Electric Motors Product Manager, Lewis Hiepner.

This is where Bauer motors come into their own, applied mainly to drive pumps and aerating impellers (aerators).

The Bauer range for the water-treatment industry features IE2, IE3 AND IE4 energy efficiency, in addition to an IP 65 rating and Class H insulation, with flange-mounted vertical and horizontal options.

Apart from the motors themselves, gearboxes also have to be IP 65-rated, in addition to having a special corrosion-resistance coating to protect the motor casings and shafts by ensuring adequate lubrication of all internal components.

Chain products used in water-treatment plants are mainly stainless steel for added durability, apart from the mild-steel sprockets themselves, BI Chains and Gears Product Manager Frikkie Ras explains.

“We are able to supply a complete solution for water, sewage and effluent plants, including couplings, pulleys and belts, gearboxes and bearings, which ensures that such plants operate optimally, with minimal downtime.”

Highly-engineered chain products for water-treatment plants cater for different pitch sizes and construction materials, including grades 314 and 316 stainless steel. Here the most common sizes used are three-, four- and six-inch chain.

Other BI products ideal for the water-treatment industry are the smaller TR inline gearboxes, which are ideal to drive reticulation pumps, clarifiers, and raw water pumps.

The Bauer range even includes a two-stage gearbox for larger aerators.

“What gives BI the leading edge in the water-treatment industry is not only the premium product range we supply, but the fact that we offer free plant inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that the products are installed and applied correctly for maximum efficiency,” Ras reveals.

Another major advantage for BI is that it carries stock of all the above-mentioned products at its head office in Johannesburg, as well as throughout its countrywide branch network.

“BI offers the wastewater treatment segment cost-effective solutions from a one-stop supplier. All our premium-brand products are also backed-up with performance guarantees,” Ras notes.

BI also has a dedicated water-industry product specialist on hand to provide technical advice, and to help customers resolve specific problems or issues, as well as optimise existing facilities with the latest equipment.

“We are able to visit a plant to assess its specific requirements, which forms the basis of a complete solution. This even extends to design and troubleshooting,” Ras adds.

Product-specific training is also provided for plant engineers, workshop foreman, or general staff, which goes a long way in assisting with preventative maintenance.