Mining Review Africa Senior Deputy Editor Chantelle Kotze talks to Arq’s CEO Julian McIntyre  on the sidelines of the Mines & Money conference in London and discusses the company’s major coal-to-energy breakthrough technology

Energy technology company Arq has patented a new process for transforming coal waste into high-value, low-cost fuels ready for today’s market.

Arq’s process transforms the hydrocarbons from coal into oil products whilst cleaning up environmental liabilities.

The Arq purified hydrocarbon fuels are sold to the power and steel-making industries, and as a blending feedstock for liquid fuels.

The company’s trademarked product, Arq Fuels, contains micro-fine hydrocarbons, predominantly less than 5 microns in size, an industry-first, presenting a unique method for converting coal into oil products.

Previous methods for upgrading coal which relied on changing the chemical structure of coal hydrocarbons have proven to be economically unviable and environmentally damaging. The trademarked Arq Technology centres on mechanical processes that turn coal into micro particles and remove over 99% of the impurities.

Arq Fuels are so pure and small that they can be blended directly into oil products, without the need for expensive liquefaction. As a result, the process is ultra-low cost and able to ‘stretch-the-barrel’ whilst simultaneously reducing prices for customers.

The company aims to have a significant presence in South Africa in the next three years.

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