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Alecto Minerals advances operationally at Mowana

Botswana – LSE-listed Capital Drilling has been awarded the contract for drill and blast and is currently mobilising its equipment to site. In the interim, using a local contractor, the first production blast is expected by the end of this month.

Giant Transport Holdings, the Alecto Minerals’ mining contractor for the project has commenced operations for an initial period of six months.

Vincent (Paddy) Conran has been appointed as general manager for the project with over 25 years’ experience in mining and mineral processing

The conventional crushing and screening circuit has been successfully operating for two weeks, stockpiling crushed ore.

After initial commissioning of the process plant, test production has now commenced, producing saleable concentrate up to 28% copper which will comprise part of the first tranche of product to be delivered to Fujax Minerals and Energy, under a five year copper off-take contract.

Alecto Minerals believes that early test production strengthens the value proposition of Mowana and, accordingly, the estimated timetable for re-admission has been pushed back, anticipated to complete by the end of May 2017, to ensure that the value of this production is accounted for and represented on re-admission

“We are moving at speed towards delivering continuous production and first sales at Mowana meaning that the atmosphere on site is buoyant, particularly given that the first blast is anticipated in just a matter of days,” says CEO of Alecto Minerals Mark Jones.

“There are still some hurdles to overcome before we can announce that we are in full scale production, but our project is being de-risked on a continuous basis, and we enjoy fantastic relationships with excellent operational partners, which have the expertise to help us deal with any challenges.”

Featured image credit: Alecto Minerals