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The government has identified waste tyres as a priority waste stream, based on the threat posed by the indiscriminate disposal to the environment.

Anglo American has partnered with Exxaro, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and World Vision International to work in collaboration with the government of Limpopo to drive sustainable economic development in the Limpopo province through a multi-sector initiative, known as the Impact Catalyst.

TheImpact Catalyst forms part of Anglo American’s Collaborative Regional Development programme, which seeks to create long-term economic prosperity in the company’s host communities and regions through partnerships, beyond the expected life of a mine.

This approach identifies socio-economic development opportunities with the greatest potential in a region through spatial planning and analysis. This creates a catalyst for partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders including community representatives, faith groups, businesses and entrepreneurs, government, academics and NGOs.

“Today’s launch of the Impact Catalyst demonstrates the importance of partnerships in building the foundations for long-term, sustainable development in our host communities, far beyond the life of the mine. Building thriving communities is a core pillar of our ambitious Sustainable Mining Plan, and part of FutureSmart Mining, which is our innovative approach to sustainable mining,” says Anglo American executive head Andile Sangqu.

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“We are already working with government on other initiatives in Limpopo, such as Premier’s Employment Growth Advisory Council (PEGAC), and the Impact Catalyst represents another one that seeks real cross sectoral collaboration.”

Several feasibility studies and pilot programmes are underway in Limpopo, as part of the Impact Catalyst’s efforts to stimulate economic development in the region. These span integrated game farming, agriculture, agro-processing and biofuels, waste recycling as well as social project opportunities on community health.

Other projects currently in the pipeline for the Impact Catalyst include a wide-ranging enterprise and supplier development programme, which aims to create small businesses that supply goods and services to mines and businesses, and an integrative geo-spatial planning capability, which was developed by the CSIR and will be co-founded by Anglo American.

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Mamogo Ntuli, the Acting Spokesperson for the Limpopo Provincial Government, said: “It is crucial that we have collaborative initiatives like the Impact Catalyst, where we can lean on industry experts to initiate results-driven activities. This effort is essential in that it strengthens the social cohesion between government and the populace, thus promoting active and participative citizenry.”

Through the Impact Catalyst, Anglo American and its partners aim to build thriving communities that can benefit directly from the rich mineral endowment beneath their feet, while new economic activities such as agribusiness opportunities, biofuels, game ranching and tourism begin to develop – building on mining’s contribution.

“As a mining company whose roots run deep in South Africa, we would not thrive if it were not for our host communities. Through partnerships like the Impact Catalyst, we plan to ensure that the positive effects of our work remain long after our mines have closed, through thriving and resilient communities,” said Sangqu.